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Business Sellers & Brokers

We provide customized services that ensure a smooth transition for business sellers and brokers to safeguard valuable assets while maximizing their financial benefits.

Lifeboat is uniquely qualified to properly structure the sale of your business to legally defer capital gains and help you maintain family wealth.

Tax Accountants & CPAs

We have over 35 years of experience with complex trusts to ensure tax efficiency, expert management, and beneficiary protection. Our team of specialized experts are able to adjust trusts to accommodate changing laws and circumstances and prioritizes the intent of your trust while maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

Financial Advisors

Our legal team oversees intricate trust matters, including financial management, adapting trusts to changing conditions, resolving conflicts, and protecting the interests of beneficiaries.

We can reduce risks, manage assets, and navigate complexities for optimal trust performance, aligning with an advisor’s strategic financial planning.

We provide the protection you need when it matters the most.

Real Estate Sellers & Brokers

Our Deferred Sales Trust (DST) experts work with real estate sellers and brokers to assist in structuring complex transactions. We can ensure the proper management of assets, address legal intricacies, and safeguard the interest of all parties involved.

Our Deferred Sales Trust services include overseeing the transaction’s smooth execution while also maximizing financial benefits such as capital gains tax deferral through a DST.

High Net Worth Individuals

We offer expertise in wealth management, tax planning, and estate matters to improve your financial strategy, protect your assets, and plan for your legacy.

Our team has the knowledge and skills to adjust trusts to keep up with changing laws, reduce financial risks, and resolve family disputes to ensure your wealth is preserved and aligned with your intricate financial goals.

Trust & Estate Attorneys

We collaborate with trust and estate attorneys to enhance estate planning strategies. Our trust protection services guarantees trustee accountability, mediates conflicts, and protects interests.

Our trust protectors can modify trusts, manage complex assets, and address unforeseen circumstances. This collaboration enhances the attorney’s ability to provide comprehensive legal guidance and ensure the long-term success of trusts and estates.

Meet Our Team

James J. Flick

Senior Attorney

James J. Flick is an attorney, chartered life underwriter, chartered financial consultant, and former cer...

James M. Flick


James M. Flick is currently an Associate Attorney for Flick Law Group, P.L. Prior to his current employme...

Meghan A. Collins

Client Programs Manager

Meghan A. Collins is currently the Client Programs Manager for Flick Law Group, P.L. She helped develop a...

See How Our Clients Have Benefited

You can rely on Lifeboat Trust Services to protect you and your beneficiaries and ensure your trust is administered as intended.

I have worked with Jim Flick for over 8 years, and there is nobody out there like him and his team. He has a background not only in estate planning and business law, but also has in-depth tax knowledge. His expertise has guided me into making some great decisions and employing strategies that have paid off in the long-term. He is always on top of the industry changes and keeping me ahead of the game.

Dimitri C.