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What is a trust protector?

Trust protectors are third-party individuals or companies given key powers to reshape your trust to accommodate changing circumstances and ensure that the trust purposes are fulfilled.

Why should I appoint Lifeboat Trust Protectors?

A trust protector is a powerful position created within your trust. Therefore, your trust protector should:

  • Be an independent third-party
  • Be firm but respectful
  • Understand your intent behind your trust
  • Be knowledgeable and experienced in trust law, administration, and litigation

Satisfied Clients

Why do I need a Trust Protector? Here are some situations where these key powers can protect your trust:

-You or a beneficiary have a creditor issue that could put your trust at risk
-You or a beneficiary are going through a divorce that could endanger your trust
-Your trustee is behaving inappropriately or incompetently and not accomplishing the goals of your trust

-A beneficiary is harassing your trustee or threatening frivolous litigation
-A change in circumstances requires the trust be moved to another state or jurisdiction to avoid harm, such as a change in tax laws or state laws

What is a letter of wishes?

A letter of wishes is a declaration in which you explain the purposes of your trust and how you envision its administration. It is imperative that as trust protector, we clearly understand the intent behind your trust. Knowing your intent allows us to ensure it is carried out.

Trust us to preserve your legacy.

With over 35 years of experience in trust protection, our team has the combined knowledge and legal expertise to best serve you. We understand the complexity associated with administering a trust and are here to help. Our professionals have worked with all categories of trusts, including offshore, dynasty, charitable and irrevocable.

We're here to help – our certified protectors are well-versed in trust management and eager to assist you. We listen to the individual needs of our clients and handle all trust-related matters with the utmost discretion, integrity, and attention to detail. Please contact our team to learn more information about our process, services, and pricing. Lifeboat provides trust protector and distribution adviser services to individuals throughout the Orlando area. We look forward to meeting you and working together to protect your assets and alleviate the stress of managing your trust.

We provide the safety you need when it matters the most.

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