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We are uniquely qualified to serve as a Deferred Sales Trust™ trustee and provide specialized legal services to irrevocable trusts. As an approved DST trustee, we help sellers defer and reduce taxes on the sale of high-value assets while allowing them to manage their investments.

We also offer professional Trust Protector, Distribution Advisor, and Designated Representative services to clients from all 50 states to ensure your trust can weather whatever storm the future brings.

Lifeboat Trust Services was founded by experienced practicing estate planning attorneys to provide a solution to the dilemma of finding qualified professionals to serve in these important trust roles. By using Lifeboat Trust Services, you accomplish this and free up trusted individuals you’d prefer serve in other roles, such as independent Trustees or successor Trustees.

We bring to you the advantage of our legal knowledge and experience. In the past ten years alone, our attorneys have drafted, funded, and maintained over one hundred complex irrevocable trusts and have represented clients in the sale or purchase of 32 businesses. This includes working with clients to negotiate settlements with creditors and working with litigation counsel to see clients through challenging lawsuits. By serving you, we provide your trust with the flexibility to deal with unforeseeable changes in the law and in your life.

Meet Our Team

James J. Flick

Senior Attorney

James J. Flick is an attorney, chartered life underwriter, chartered financial consultant, and former cer...

James M. Flick


James M. Flick is currently an Associate Attorney for Flick Law Group, P.L. Prior to his current employme...

Meghan A. Collins

Client Programs Manager

Meghan A. Collins is currently the Client Programs Manager for Flick Law Group, P.L. She helped develop a...

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You can rely on Lifeboat Trust Services to protect you and your beneficiaries and ensure your trust is administered as intended.

I have worked with Jim Flick for over 8 years, and there is nobody out there like him and his team. He has a background not only in estate planning and business law, but also has in-depth tax knowledge. His expertise has guided me into making some great decisions and employing strategies that have paid off in the long-term. He is always on top of the industry changes and keeping me ahead of the game.

Dimitri C.